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December 7, 2009

Coteret: A broader view into Israeli discourse

Filed under: Israeli politics,Israeli settlements — Helena Cobban @ 8:09 am

Many of us who don’t read Hebrew have become very reliant on reading the English-language edition of Haaretz, or the Jerusalem Post, to get a window into Israeli thinking.  Certainly, you can learn a lot from reading those two– understanding that Haaretz is center-left, and the JP center-right, within Israeli politics.

But now, we have a great new news source, Coteret (sub-title: “News, analysis and opinion from the Israeli Hebrew print and electronic media”), that brings us English-language renderings of a far broader range of Israeli media output.

Coteret is written by Didi Remez.

At the top of the blog today is a very important post, using material from Yediot Aharonot and also from a pro-settler publication called Hakol Hayehudi, that shows the extent to which settler organizations in the West Bank are planning violence– against both the Israeli security forces and local, unarmed Palestinian residents— as their response to  Netanyahu’s announcement of the very partial settlement freeze.

In Israeli political parlance, the violence against Palestinians is often referred to as “the price tag” that settler activists impose whenever they’re asked to rein in their land-grabbing practices.

Right under that post, is another fascinating one, noting that the former Sharon adviser Dov Weissglas (author of the “Weissglas diet” concept regarding Gaza), is now openly warning Israeli officials that they need to make a hard choice between continuing the settlement process– including in east Jerusalem– and winning international pariah status.

The original article there is also from Yediot.

Remez has also done us many other services with this must-read blog.  One notable example, the extensive reporting he has done (including here) to expose the shenanigans of Gerald Steinberg’s strongly government-lauded “NGO Monitor” organization.

And, of course, a few days ago, his revelation that Columbia Sportswear was using cosily pro-settler terminology to try to sell its outerwear in Israel (as I blogged about here, last Thursday.)

Anyway, thanks Didi for all your great work!


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  1. Opportunity to extend best wishes for the Christmas Season and to relay the following link which implies that An american citizen seeking employment by the US governmet must now be vetted as being “pro-israel”.


    Comment by omop — December 9, 2009 @ 11:43 am | Reply

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