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February 3, 2010

‘Cheer or jeer’ campaign gains momentum

Filed under: Activism,Gaza — Helena Cobban @ 10:25 am

Hundreds of CNI/CNIF supporters, residing in more than 200 congressional districts around the country, have already responded to our portion of the ‘Cheer or jeer’ campaign regarding whether or not various members  of Congress supported the recent McDermott-Ellison letter on the siege of Gaza.

Have you supported the campaign yet?

If you’re a U.S. citizen and have not yet written to your member of Congress about this matter, please hurry on over to our campaign page and follow the very simple instructions there that will help you do so speedily and effectively.

To be most effective, you can edit the text of the email that is suggested for you, to make it more personal and more persuasive. (Remember to keep it courteous, though, even if it’s a ‘jeer’ letter you’re sending, not a ‘cheer’.)

And tell your friends about this campaign! Have them join the action, too.

Remember that last week, former Congressman Paul Findley told FPFD how important it is that members of Congress hear from their constituents on this matter.

If your member took the political risk of bucking AIPAC’s diktats on this matter– then she or he needs to know that that position has solid support in their own constituencies.  And if s/he didn’t take the risk but just “went along” with the AIPAC line for whatever reason, then they need to know that there’s a growing groundswell of opinion in their constituencies that no longer finds such laziness or indifference in the face of Israel’s misdeeds acceptable, any more.

Help us to make that groundswell grow! Join the action and tell your friends!


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