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March 26, 2010

What kind of Gaza does Israel want?

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United Nation’s Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s recent visit to the Gaza Strip, and his expression of bewilderment and outrage at the peril of those blockaded within the small territory begs the question; what sort of Gaza would Israel find acceptable?

Military strikes against Gaza and its cross border tunnels, on which the Gazan economy has become dependent, have been renewed in recent weeks. Many children in Gaza suffer from malnourishment, which is known to cause stunted growth as well as stunted brain development. Combine this with the fact that many of the same children have no access to a remotely proper education and one has a recipe for the creation of a new generation of violent extremists; the central argument proponents of the blockade will put forth to begin with. However, we have all heard the statistics and arguments before and a few questions need to be raised about the dire nature of the situation. Only the future remains in question.

The fresh incursions into Gaza have also been reported to be in retaliation for new rocket attacks from Gaza. Today Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi addressed the Knesset Security and Foreign Affairs Committee, and expressed the opinion that Hamas is not likely to be behind recent rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, as “Hamas was more interested in maintaining its rule over Gaza than escalating violence with Israel, since it would cause the collapse of the state of appeasement in Gaza and risk shuffling the deck in the Strip,”. However Ashkenazi eluded logic when he went on to assert that Hamas could do more to put an end to the attacks, using this as a justification for continued attacks on Hamas positions in Gaza, although he himself just spoke to dismiss assumptions that Hamas militants were the perpetrators of the attacks which incited Israeli military responses. This seems to mean that the Israeli method of encouraging the de facto powers in Gaza to control extremist activity would be bombing the facilities of the de facto powers which could aid the process of controlling delinquent militants.

In her recent address to the annual Policy Conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Israel to make difficult decisions in moving forward in the peace process, and indeed pointed out that the Gaza situation is unsustainable for Israelis or Palestinians. Unfortunately the Secretary did not provide any sort of details as to what a future Gaza might look like, nor did Prime Minister Netanyahu provide any details of what an acceptable Gaza would be to his government.

So the international community must pose this question to Israel; what kind of Gaza would be acceptable to you? The answer is long overdue.


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  1. [A friend is typing this comment for me, because I type with one finger, poor skills, and it would take me 6 months if I did it myself. The question is what kind of Gaza does Israel want? On 5/12/09, in a letter to Pres. Obama, I suggested a few multiple choice questions for him and then-visiting BiBi. Question 1- A “two-state solution, living side by side”. One state the size of a watermelon, and the other the size of a soybean. One could have every WMD known to mankind, with a most potent army, navy, and air force. The other can’t have a slingshot. One will have a swimming pool in every backyard; the other will not have enough water to wash their feet. One will shake us down for at least four billion dollars every October 1st;the other will get a Hershey,providing they do as they are told. One will have access to the White House 24/7/365; the other will have access to the Washington D.C. dog catcher 24/7/365. One will have Carte Blanche to Camp David. The other won’t come within 9000 miles of Fargo, North Dakota. Name the two states in the quiz.
    Multiple Choice Question #2- Which people and their leaders were responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people including the lives of approx. 6 million Jewish men, women, and children? A- Egypt. B- Iran. C- Jordan. D- Syria. E- Iraq. F- Lebanon. G-Kuwait. H- None of the Above. If you Mr. Pres. and BiBi picked H, you are correct. Everyone knows of course that the answer should be I- Hamas, and all the rest of the militant terrosit Palestinians.
    Question # 3- What Middle East country gets at least 4 billion in US Aid, a country that pound for pound has the smartest and welathiest people in the world. A country that subsidizes electric vehicles, subsidizes new homesteaders, working on a bullet train (we don’t even have one), GNP growth of 5%, recently ran a budget surplus etc.? (it’s only a question of time til they grow hair on a bowling ball)
    Question #4- What country living in the same building as us, who literally don’t have a pot to piss in, 9 million people living in abject poverty, so poor that mothers are force to bake dirt pies for their children to alleviate the pains of hunger?People forced to cut down every tree to be used for cooking, an occasional bowl of rice, and by doing so, create mudslides that cause scores of deaths everytime it rains hard? We recently pledged this country 280 million dollars (too little too late!) Hallelujah never the less.
    Obviously the country is Haiti. For years I have been trying to get our government to subtract 500 million from the aid we give Israel and give it to our neighbors, the Haitians, to be used for infastructure, home building, tourism, farming, manufacturing, and exporting products such as rum. Too bad my letters going back to the Aristide era fell on deaf ears. Only God knows how many lives could’ve been saved if they had better homes, streets, hospitals, etc.
    This 4 question quiz was sent to certain congressmen, institutions, news comentators, and I believe even Gene Bird.
    THIS is the kind of Gaza that Israel wants.

    Comment by carl of queens,ny — March 28, 2010 @ 11:06 am | Reply

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