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March 31, 2010

Founder of a new PAC for Middle East peace on CNI radio, April 1st

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Sama Adnan, Ph.D., the founder and executive director of New Policy PAC and the affiliated NewPolicy.org will be our guest on “CNI: Jerusalem Calling” on Thursday, March 25th, from 12 noon to 1 pm ET. He will be joined by host and CNI board member Alison Weir. Dr. Adnan and Weir will discuss the aims of the newly founded organization New Policy.org and how New Policy PAC plans to support members of congress whose foreign policy align with America’s national interest.

NewPolicy.org is an organization of American citizens committed to enhancing American security through establishing a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Its sister organization, New Policy PAC, is a political action committee capable of funding congressional campaigns of politicians who understand that ending the Arab-Israeli conflict is in America’s national interest. New Policy PAC is one of the few PACs working for Middle East peace in the United States.

Dr. Adnan has called for a national lobby that unites all Americans interested in peace in the Middle East to fund campaigns of Congressional candidates who work in the cause of peace. He strongly believes that peace in the Middle East is in America’s national interest.

The show will air live online from Noon to 1 pm ET (5 pm to 6pm GMT). To listen, go to the show’s homepage and click on the “Listen Live” button for Studio A, at the top left. To call in with your questions and comments during the second half of the show, call toll-free: 877-474-3302. International users can ask questions by Skype, by calling Skypename: WSRADIOSTUDIO.

Also, check out archived editions of our show by going to the “CNI: Jerusalem Calling” archives. Past shows archived there include conversations with Mustafa Barghouti, Akiva Eldar, UNRWA’s Andrew Whitley, Stephen Walt…and many more.

“CNI: Jerusalem Calling” is a project of the Council for the National Interest Foundation. You can help support the radio show educate Americans on how current policies harm the American national interest by making a tax-deductible contribution to CNI Foundation by clicking here.


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