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April 8, 2010

Job opportunity: President, CNI and CNI Foundation

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The Council for the National Interest and the CNI Foundation are seeking applications for the position of President. There is no deadline for submitting an application, as the position will be filled as soon as possible.

Council for the National Interest / CNI Foundation
United States (Washington, DC)
Negotiable, in the $40,000 to $50,000 range

Note: The person chosen for this position will serve as President for two separate organizations, Council for the National Interest (CNI) and the Council for the National Interest Foundation (CNI Foundation), and will report to both boards of directors.

The organizations:

The Council for the National Interest Foundation is a 501(c)(3)-registered tax-exempt organization that seeks to educate the American public about the need for a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that upholds American principles and values and safeguards the nation’s security and its national interest. Specifically, the CNI Foundation focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because, as former Secretary of State James Baker has stated, this area is the “epicenter” of global instability. The CNI Foundation aims for a positive change in U.S. government policy from the current one, which supports instability and violence, to one that utilizes our immense influence to assure a just and sustainable peace.

The Council for the National Interest, by contrast, is a 501(c)(4)-registered tax-exempt organization that works on legislative and lobbying efforts both at the national and local level. CNI is a membership organization with members in all 50 states. CNI supports transparency in Middle East policymaking and opposes the intimidation of Congress, the President, and the American public on issues surrounding the conflict between Israel and its neighbors.

Job Description:

As chief executive of both organizations, the President of CNI and the CNI Foundation serves as the public face for both organizations. The President will be expected to make speeches and media appearances, write articles and opinion pieces for publication in general media, blogs, and other online media, and to initiate other media campaigns to foster the educational mission of the organization.

The President oversees all aspects of the organizations’ operations, including administration, finances, fundraising, and personnel. The President will oversee, staff, and report on the progress of the following CNI Foundation programs:

– Monthly panel discussions on Capitol Hill and other venues in the Washington area that focus on topics such as political developments in the Middle East and the formation of U.S. Middle East policy

– Semiannual “Political Pilgrimages” send delegations of American citizens to visit the Middle East and meet with top leaders in Egypt, Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, including government officials, opposition leaders, and others

– The Jerusalem Women Speak program brings a group of three women- a Christian Palestinian, a Muslim Palestinian, and a Jewish Israeli- from Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories to speak with American audiences about the need for peace in the region and an end to the Israeli occupation.

CNI: Jerusalem Calling is a weekly international internet radio program that brings the voices of Palestinians, Israelis, and others who call for an end to the Israeli occupation and support peace in the Middle East to a worldwide audience

For CNI, the lobbying arm of the two organizations, the President will be expected to oversee the following programs:

– Recruiting activist members in specific congressional districts under the Volunteers-In-Place (CNI-VIP) program

– Overseeing the lobbying efforts of the organization by identifying relevant legislation and marshalling resources to support, oppose, or modify it

The financial and administrative duties of the President include:

– Working with the chief of staff and board members to develop and implement an annual budget for both organizations

– Drafting and overseeing fundraising appeals, via direct mail, email, websites, and advertising for both organizations

– Overseeing the recruitment, hiring, and training of volunteers, staff, and interns for both organizations

– Defining staff roles and monitoring performance


An in-depth knowledge of the politics, culture, and history of the Middle East, specifically of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the wider Arab-Israeli conflict, is preferred. Experience with the U.S. policymaking process towards the Middle East is desired. The ideal candidate will have several years of experience in one or more of the following fields: the U.S. Armed Forces, the U.S. Foreign Service, academia, non-profit organizations, Capitol Hill, and government relations.

The successful candidate should be comfortable representing CNI and the CNI Foundation in meetings with leaders in the Middle East, Senators, Members of Congress, and members of the Administration. The candidate should be conversant with the needs of American and Middle Eastern media outlets, including radio, television, and online.

Interested applicants should send a resume, two references, a biographic summary of two or three paragraphs in length, and a short writing sample to jobs@cnionline.org. Salary is negotiable, in the $40,000 to $50,000 range.


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