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November 20, 2009

Some brave, truthful members of Congress

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Our ‘Political Pilgrimage’ group got back to Washington DC Monday night; we had CNI’s annual dinner Tuesday night; and I’ve been catching up on numerous things since then.  But I do want to share some intriguing good news that came in during our 17-day absence on the PP tour.  (Also, be assured that we are planning to put a lot more items here on the blog about what we learned on the tour– in written, photographic, and also videographed form…. This will happen throughout the coming weeks.)

Meanwhile, the good news.

It comes from my dear buddies (and former colleagues) at the DC-based Friends Committee on National Legislation, who made a point of carefully tracking the statements made on the House floor in the discussion over the infamous anti-Goldstone bill that was passed by the House of representatives on November 3.  Sadly, the bill, which was heavily pushed by AIPAC and other portions of the “status quo lobby”, passed by a vote of 344 to 36 with 22 members voting “present”.


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